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How often do you use social media? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest – the list goes on. Social media is a great way to connect with people from all over the world. It’s also a fantastic way to increase your website traffic! At McWilliams Marketing, we believe that your online marketing strategy should be diverse. A well-rounded strategy should involve not only your social media platforms but also your website and email marketing, to name a few.

In this month’s blog post, we’ll discuss how using social media can help grow your business and give you an edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

Using Social Media Posts to Generate Website Traffic

One of the best ways to generate more website traffic is through your social media posts. People are on their mobile devices all the time and they’re constantly in search of content that interests them or entertains them. Your social media pages can provide just that!

You may want to post about a new product you’ve launched, news from within your industry, or exciting updates about your organization. Use your social media posts to direct consumers back to your website. For example: add a link to a related product or service in your caption or instruct readers to visit your website for more information!

A few tips for making sure your social media posts reach a wide audience:

  • Make use of applicable hashtags – these are easy to find and will allow you to reach people beyond your followers. Use both specific, local hashtags and broad hashtags.
  • Engage with others in the conversation. Create conversations by responding to comments and following some of your most loyal customers.
  • Use links that lead back to your page where possible so that those who click on it have a chance of signing up as subscribers or customers. This is especially effective if you’re promoting an event, sale, or special offer.

Increase Website Traffic by Building Relationships on Social Media

Social media allows you to interact with new people every day without ever leaving home (or the office). Building relationships with people that follow you on social media can help attract more website traffic to your site. These followers will have a vested interest in what’s happening with your company. They want to hear about the latest product launch, provide feedback on your new marketing strategy, or be kept up-to-date on industry news.

It’s important to remember: just as it takes time and effort to build one business relationship offline, so does building them online. Make sure that when someone reaches out via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email, you respond in a timely fashion.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Website When It’s Time to Sell

If your company is offering a sale or promotion, social media can be an effective way of gaining more website traffic and closing deals with customers. What better time than now? It doesn’t matter if the sale was planned months ago – tell people what they’re missing out on!

Take photos during the event and post them on social media reminding your followers of the special offer or sale! It also helps if there are discounts that apply when shopping online. This strategy will direct more traffic to your web pages! Don’t miss out on any opportunity for closing a sale by including a link to your website on social media posts.

Increase Website Traffic by Sharing Videos

Videos are a great way of generating more traffic for your site. High-quality videos provide an entertaining and convenient way for people to enjoy content that interests them! Videos can include a variety of things: company testimonials, product presentations, or event highlights.

It’s important to remember that videos are not always seen by consumers who have disabled autoplay on their devices. Make sure you provide a link in the post so they can click over and watch your video on your website if necessary!

Increase Website Traffic by Promoting Your Blog Posts

It’s important to bring your blog posts to the attention of social media followers and customers as they can help you generate more website traffic. A recent study found that 75% of people will share content if it is shared with them through a Facebook post, tweet, or email newsletter.

33% of those who are interested in what you’ve written about on your site will click through and read the full article when it has been shared via social media such as Instagram or Twitter. This makes sense considering how easy-to-use these platforms are for quick updates! Make sure to promote each new blog post! However, it is also wise to reshare any older ones that you think are most important for people to see.

Increase Website Traffic by Sharing Posts on Other Platforms

If someone is following you on Facebook, they’re likely also checking your company out on Twitter. And vice versa: if they’ve been following your blog posts and updates on LinkedIn or Google+, chances are they want to know what you’re up-to-date with in terms of social media, too! In the event that someone misses a post on one platform, they may see it on another and click a link to visit your website.

Social Media Strategy for Successful Business

A successful online marketing strategy should be diverse – involving social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. It needs to reach out beyond your website to encompass all avenues of reaching potential customers through various stages of the buying cycle. For example: using social media posts when it’s time to sell products will allow you to generate more website traffic and sales.

Creating conversations with others on social media will help you generate more website traffic. Additionally, it will help to establish credibility, something that is important for any company in the digital age!

At McWilliams Marketing, we are passionate about helping business owners implement a well-rounded online marketing strategy. We will help you design a customized approach that encompasses social media, website design, email marketing, and more. Contact our team today to learn more about how your social media strategy can increase your website traffic!

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