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As a marketing agency, we always emphasize the importance of consistency for your brand. I wanted to put this advice to the test. Over the past 28 days (if you’re connected with me on LinkedIn, you may have noticed), I have been posting every single day. The results have been insightful and encouraging, offering valuable lessons for anyone looking to boost their LinkedIn presence.

I observed a 297% increase in average impressions per post and a 300% increase in average engagements per post. Here’s what I found:

Impressions and Unique Views

In just under a month, my posts garnered a total of 15,870 impressions. This means my content appeared in front of nearly 16,000 sets of eyes. More importantly, these impressions translated into 3,655 unique views, indicating a strong engagement from a diverse audience.

Consistency Pays Off

The most significant takeaway from this experiment is the power of consistency. By showing up daily, I maintained a steady presence in my network’s feed, ensuring that my content stayed top of mind. This consistent exposure is crucial for building brand recognition and trust.

Example Insight: Before I started posting consistently, my posts averaged around 77 impressions each. In the first week of consistent posting, this number jumped to around 400 impressions per post. By the fourth week, my posts averaged 650 impressions each, highlighting how consistent posting can enhance visibility over time.

Content Variety Matters

Throughout the experiment, I experimented with different types of content, including industry insights, personal anecdotes, and professional tips. This variety kept my audience engaged and responsive. It also helped me understand what type of content resonates most with my network.

Example Insight: Posts that shared personal stories or experiences received significantly more engagement. For instance, a post sharing a sneak peek of new branding received 86 impressions and several interactions, while an industry insight post received fewer engagements.

Engagement Over Time

While the initial days saw a gradual increase in impressions and views, the momentum picked up as the days progressed. This indicates that LinkedIn’s algorithm may favor consistent posters, gradually boosting their visibility.

Example Insight: At the end of April, the average engagement rate (likes, comments, shares) was around 0.85%. By the last week of the experiment, this rate had increased to 2.98%, suggesting that consistent posting helps build a more engaged audience over time.

Building Relationships

Daily posting also provided more opportunities to engage with my audience. By responding to comments and messages, I fostered stronger relationships and expanded my professional network. This active engagement is vital for anyone looking to leverage LinkedIn for business or personal growth.

Example Insight: During the experiment, I received direct messages from 12 new connections who reached out after engaging with my posts. Many of these interactions led to meaningful conversations and potential collaborations.

Comparing Performance: Before and After June 1st

Pre-June 1st (4/11/2024 – 5/31/2024):

  • Average Impressions per Post: 77
  • Average Engagements per Post: 2

Post-June 1st (6/1/2024 – 7/9/2024):

  • Average Impressions per Post: 306
  • Average Engagements per Post: 8

This clear increase in both impressions and engagements highlights the significant impact of consistent posting. The average impressions per post quadrupled, and the average engagements per post more than tripled after I started posting daily.

Correlation Between Personal and Business Page Performance

An interesting observation is the potential correlation between consistent posting on my personal page and the performance of my business page, McWilliams Marketing.

Business Page Performance Before and After June 1, 2024:

Pre-June 1, 2024:

  • Average Impressions per Post: 58
  • Average Engagement Rate: 0.16

Post-June 1, 2024:

  • Average Impressions per Post: 96
  • Average Engagement Rate: 0.20

These statistics show a noticeable improvement in the business page metrics following the start of consistent personal page posting. This suggests that an active personal page can drive traffic and engagement to the business page.

Final Thoughts

This 28-day experiment has reaffirmed my belief in the power of LinkedIn as a professional networking tool. Consistent, varied, and engaging content can significantly boost your visibility and help you build meaningful connections. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, consider incorporating daily posts into your LinkedIn strategy.

The results might surprise you.

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