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Your Facebook Ad Account Has Been Shut Down – Now What? 

It seems like every time we turn around we have someone coming to us because their ad account that has bee disabled. Unfortunately, it’s apart of playing in Facebook’s sandbox. It happens. We are not magicians and cannot magically get your Facebook ad account activated, but we do have some tips for you.

First, we have to mention the elephant in the room. Make sure you completely understand Facebook’s advertising policies. Accounts can be deactivated for no reason – we have experienced that ourselves, but it’s more likely that you accidentally violated on of Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Top Violated Facebook Policies:

  1. You are advertising something that is prohibited or restricted on the platform.
  2. You made a mistake in the ad creative or ad copy.
  3. There is a mistake with the landing page or landing page link.
  4. You are violating Facebook’s Community Standards. 

This may not help you where you are at, but here are a few other tips to keep your ad account out of Facebook “jail.” 

  1. Enable 2-factor authenticate on your on your business account. 
  2. On your personal pages, confirm your identity. 
  3. Remember that the landing page is part of what Facebook analyzes. Your landing page experience alone can cause your account to be disabled. Pro tip: Make sure that your landing page does not have any dead links or missing images. 

If your account is already disabled, you need to appeal, appeal, appeal – with kindness, tact, and patience. Be persistent, but respectful when working with the Facebook rep. They see thousands of businesses working to get the ad accounts enabled. 

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